Andrzej Fetish Frankowski

Andrzej Frankowski

Andrzej Fetish FrankowskiRomantic and erotic at the same time; so beautiful that they seem unreal and at the same time full of truth and sincere emotions; full of expression, yet extremely subtle - this is how one could describe the works of Andrzej Frankowski. The power of his imagination and sensitivity takes us on a unique journey across his own search of the world in which he would feel comfortable and safe. Andrzej's photographs are a tale of a man longing for completion and for a woman who would help him achieve it.

Dangerously beautiful, sensual, sometimes provocative or full of nostalgia and affection, proud, strong and willing - those are the women of Andrzej Frankowski. The photographer does not show them the way they are, but uses his charisma to mold them according to his own expectations. Like a sculptor reveals the real shapes from darkness and light. He directs the scenes, guiding models to tell further chapters of life along with him.

Unpredictable, equivocal, infinite - that is the photography of Andrzej Frankowski. A photography that transformed over time - changed and developed with Andrzej and that very fact proves how inseparable from his life it became and how true it is when it comes to Andrzej himself. For Frankowski, photography is something extremely personal. It is an escape from this world full of violence, insincerity and faked feelings. Each and every of his photographs is a testimony of his sensitivity and deep reflections. In his photography we can find his fascination with mythology, especially Slavic, psychology and the power of nature.

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